Dear Woman of God, 

Decorating with inspirational bible verses and Christian Home Decor from Elevation Boutique will transform your home into your sanctuary, keep Christ at the center of your home and support a great cause! 


Pretty bible verses with beautiful typography transform a home into a sanctuary! 

I know this from experience! When I first started hanging bible verse prints on my walls, I noticed my decorations became an outward expression of who I was inside. My house started to look and feel like MY HOME! 

The more bible verses I hung, the cozier my home felt; it became MY SANCTUARY! 

A guest has even told me, that they felt more "at home" in my house than their own!

Elevation Boutique's bible verse prints were designed for Christian women like you; to decorate your home in a way that reflects who you are inside, and to transform your home into your sanctuary! 


Each print keeps the word of God in the forefront of your mind and keeps Christ at the center of your home! 

Your wall art gracefully shares the gospel with your spouse, children, family and friends! These bible verses may be the only scriptures some people read; It plants a seed and the rest is up to God! 

If you are a God fearing woman that wants to keep Christ at the Center of your home, then Elevation Boutique's Etsy Shop was made especially for you! 


In addition to the benefits listed above (e.g. having a home that feels like your sanctuary, keeping Christ at the center of your home, and sharing the word of God), a portion of each sale will be donated to Zera House! A non-profit organization that provides a safe home for women who have been trafficked and sexually exploited;  A place where broken women can go and heal while experiencing the love, hope and grace of Jesus Christ! Shop for your home and loved ones while making a difference!

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"Arrived very quickly and I love the quality! I plan to buy more!"

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