The Best Christmas Gifts for Her Under $50

Are you looking for the best Christmas gifts for her under $50? Elevation Boutique has meaningful and inexpensive faith based gifts that are perfect year round, but especially during the Christmas season! Afterall, He is the reason for the season! 

My goals are to help you save time and find a gift that it's receipient will love! 

Want some icing on the cake? There's FREE domestic shipping AND a portion of each sale at Elevation Boutique is donated to women trafficking survivors! So, you're saving money, shopping for a great cause and have an awesome story to share along with your gift! 

Let's start with the most inexpensive, which is a scripture mug (available in both 11oz. and 15oz. sizes). Each are well under $30!

Scripture Mug, Christian Mug, Matthew 28:20, I am with you always, mason jar gifts, coffee lovers gift, tea lover gift

This scripture mug is adorable with its colorful mason jar and flower print! It says "I am with you always" Matthew 28:20 and is perfect for a tea lover or cofffee lover gift!

Here is a direct link to this sweet Scripture Mug!

Depending on what your budget is, you may also want to buy a tote, or maybe pick a scripture tote instead of the mug. The tote's are great as bible tote's or just everyday totes! 

Here is a scripture tote with a different print. This Christian tote says "Beauty for Ashes" Isaiah 61. It's also well under $50!

scripture totes, christian tote, isaiah 61, beauty for ashes, bible verse prints, scripture gifts

(the other items shown with the tote are not included)

Here is a direct link to this Beauty for Ashes Scripture Tote

The next two items are under $50 and too good not to share...

Here is a bible verse inspired bracelet that says "Faith Hope Love" It is the perfect combination of Christianity and style! It's availble in various finishes, including my favorite, the 18K Rose Gold Coating.

faith hope love bracelet

This bracelet comes in a 7 inch size and costs under $50. 

Here is a direct link to this beautiful Faith Hope Love Bracelet! 

Last but definitely not least, Elevation Boutique has a large assortment of framed bible verse prints for just under $50!

Here is one of my favorites...

coffee lovers gift, girl boss quotes, bible verse prints, love the lord, deuteronomy 6

This bright pink, coffee bean print says "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength." This Deuteronomy 6 print makes the perfect gift for a "girl boss" or coffee lover (and it's under $50!). 

Here is a direct link to this Coffee Lovers Gift!

I hope I have helped you to save time finding the perfect gift! You may want just one, to buy a set or to mix and match! The sky is the limit!

Aren't these awesome Christmas gifts for under $50? Elevation Boutique has meaningful and inexpensive faith based gifts, plus FREE domestic shipping AND don't forget a portion of each sale is donated to women trafficking survivors! 

So, dont' wait! Shop for your Christmas gifts and a great cause now! :) 

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